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There are plenty of routine tasks on a computer that need to be done, but they're very repetitive. Instead of doing everything manually, it makes more sense to automate the repetitious and predictable things. If you can solve a problem programmatically once, you can solve it any number of times without any additional effort.

AutoAMP is an attempt at modernizing and simplifying the UX of an old shell script I wrote that automates routine tasks, such as checking network connectivity (and finding the specific problem if there's no internet access), installing software updates, running a virus scan, and backing up files. It was essentially a maintenance program, so I called it Alan's Maintenance Program. AutoAMP is like AMP, but more convenient.

The original maintenance shell script works just fine, but I made it for other people I know to use, and teaching non-technical people to open a terminal window and run a text command can be challenging. It is currently Linux/Unix-only, but it could be useful to port it to Windows at some point. However, Windows lacks a package manager, so you'd have to use something like Ninite Updater instead. Or in some situations you're just better off with netBIOS and OS images. This solution is more for small offices or homes, not enterprise solutions.

AutoAMP is on GitHub here and is currently a work in progress. The original AMP GitHub repo is available here and it's fully-functional, though it's only for Linux at the moment. I plan on porting AMP to macOS soon.